Best Office Desk Accessories

office desk acccessories

The key to a productive workday at home all depends on the area you’re working in. Coffee helps, but the best work happens when you’re in an environment that you love being in.

That might mean having a candle or aromatizer burning to help keep the room feeling fresh, or perhaps it means regularly wiping surfaces down to keep everything feeling pristine.

Whether you have a dedicated home office, or a desk stationed in the corner of your living room, a happy work life hinges on your environment.

Keep organized and on-task with these great home desk accessory ideas.

Personalized Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have never looked so good. Pesonalized equipment help you keep your things professional while also letting you tailor your working space down to the finest detail.

These persoanlized sticky notes come in a huge range of colors, and let you take total ownership of your home office.

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Wireless Charging Dock

wireless charging dock

Help keep your desk tidy and remove the need for irritating wires and cables with this sleek-looking charging dock.

I really like this dock because it helps to keep your desk looking professional, while also keeping your phone in sight should any client calls come in.

This dock also has a pocket for your wireless earbuds and even a hook to rest your watch on (I hate wearing my watch throughout the day).

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Magazine File

If you’re like me, then you might have a ridiculous number of active magazine subscriptions at once. Even worse, you hoard them like I do and leave them strewn around the place.

I tell myself all the time that I am going to read them, even if we all know that the chances are slim.

While you decide, get a magazine file system in place so that your excessive collecting doesn’t get in the way of your workspace.

There are a different variety of styles and sizes you can get. Whatever you decide, I recommend placing the short end facing the wall. This will help keep things looking neater, while also making everything looking more compact.

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Cable Tidy

OK sure, there isn’t a lot that’s fun about a cable tidy. But rather than just get the same dull one you saw at your old office, why not getting something with a bit more stylish Swedish influence?

This cable tidy does a great job and organizing your home office clutter, while also blending into your white walls or skirting boards.

Not just that though. It also doubles up as a charging station for your phone or tablet, offering an extra power source for your ever increasing electric needs!

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Desk Phone

Landlines might be dropping off the face of the earth, but it’s important to have lines of communication that are separate to your personal life.

Get yourself something fun and channel your inner Don Draper or Peggy Olsen with this fun old school desk phone.

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Copper Pen Holder & Organizer

Some accessories go far beyond just their practical use. I find organizers can help me get in the right frame of mind for work, especially when at home. This copper pen holder and organizer set is the perfect example of just that.

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Glass Lamp

There’s something quite comforting about functioning by lamplight, is not there? We constantly find so many cool and stylish decorations and accessories from Zara Home. Also, this recent discovery gets us swooning. The glass-look could work with a shabby chic farmhouse aesthetic or a preppy, classic appearance, too. A less than $200, you get a great deal of look without breaking the bank.

Desktop Light Box with Letters

For unique characters and arty types, a mini lightbox is an enjoyable desk accessory to remind you of your own headline or just to grab the next cup of java.

Stylish Stapler

Did you now a stapler could be this amazing? We did not, but thanks to Typo (a brand you’ll discover on Cotton On’s site ), we are now reeling from the glamour. Just imagine how much better you’ll feel put together that following report once you’re able to use this stapler to perform it.

Letter Sorter

Maintain your mail stored in fashion with this hammered metallic bit out of Nate Berkus for Goal. If you couldn’t tell, we might be slightly biased towards any and all desk accessories with metallic accents.

A Box For Miscellanea

We’ve never met a pretty glass box we didn’t like. This $15 discover from Zara Home can hold anything from business cards into extra device cords or paper clips and knick-knacks.


Write on! We love to keep notes and earn to-do lists with a pencil and paper, and these vibrant notebooks from Poppin (which come in a box that displays their rainbow-colored spines) can last us through months and months of doodles and deep ideas.

Fancy scissors

Sometimes you can’t ask, “Why?” But rather just say, “Why not!” And purchase the scissors shaped like the Eiffel Tower.

Pretty, Uniform Pens

Leave it to Kate Spade to ship a set of the most stunning and sophisticated pens. Keep these in Mark & Graham’s aluminum pencil cup, and you’ll be the shining star of your office–literally!

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